Dear Partners!

Please note that a number of important changes in the LuckyPartners affiliate program will become effective from the 01.16.2015. In consequence of these innovations the participation in the program for self-motivated partners will become even more profitable. And those who have doubts and those who are not actively participating the program will receive a new, transparent and highly profitable, earning options with us!

1. We have changed the formula of calculating profits according to the model «Profitmania». Now your income directly depends on the clear NetGamingRevenue (hereafter NGR).

2. We have added another feature that will allow to get more out of every player you invite. You will receive 60% of the player's NGR within next 7 days after his/her registration in any of our projects.

3. The incentive program for active partners is now updated.  Starting on 1.02.2015, active partners, who regularly bring traffic of high quality, will be able to get profit from players with accounts older than 6 months. To obtain (or renew) the status of an active partner and to to get profit from old players, you must invite at least 6 new players during each reporting period.

4. Some changes are also affecting the structure of the model «Profitmania». Now the partner's take would be dynamic and will directly depend on the activity of the partner, namely, on the new players' index of the first deposits during the reporting period, and will have following form:


Take for the new players**

Standard % on the  revenue

Take for the old players***

0 - 5




6 - 50








* the amount of first deposits of new player during the previous reporting period
** players who have registered no longer than 7 days ago
*** players who have registered more than 6 months ago

5. Starting from the 02.01.2015 the rules of work with negative balances will undergo changes.  LuckyPartners affiliate program will compensate negative balances of up to and including $300 within the same reporting period; negative balances exceeding $300 will be transferred to the next reporting period with the possibility for a partner to request restructuring of large negative balances on an individual basis.

All these changes will be made within mentioned periods on all the projects represented in LuckyPartners affiliate program

Thank you for your attention!