Dear partners!

You know very well, the more events are happening at the casino, the cooler prizes in tournaments and competitions you players can get, the higher the conversion is. Now two of our highest-rated projects Vulkan Deluxe and Vulkan Casino are holding unprecedented tournaments with a total prize fund of 18.5 million rubles! Your players will not be able to stay away from the opportunity to win a Porsche Boxter, Yamaha jet ski, ATV CFmoto and other very cool prizes. The competition is two months long and consists of a series of tournaments that will help you to achieve the maximum retention of players that you refer during this time.

Therefore, our designers have already prepared a set of 12-minute bright banners in four sizes, branding and Landings of internal pages in the Formula 1style that will attract the attention of your players 100%. Vulkan Casino landing page also gives your players a chance to get a welcome bonus not of 5 000 but 10 000 rubles. Hurry up to use the new promotional materials!

In addition, we decided to go ahead and organize a tournament among the partners under the name "Vulkan Formula" at  Lucky Partners!

The prize pool of $ 6000.

In this competition there is an important detail - you can simultaneously send traffic to two projects. . Now it is a good time to test your traffic on both!

The more new players you invite to the Vulkan Deluxe and Vulkan Casino at the promotion period, the higher your chance to take the top lines of the rating and to receive the cash prizes.

How to become a participant of the contest?

• Using promotional materials (banners and branding) of Vulkan Deluxe and Vulkan Casino projects, you will automatically become a member of the tournament

• Run maximum of quality traffic to both projects

• Invite new players to the Vulkan Deluxe and Vulkan Casino

• Monitor the results of players who have registered from 6 April of the race and wait for the results.

Basic rules of the "Formula Vulcan” tournaments at Lucky Partners:

Dates of the tournament: 04.06.2016 - 05.27.2016

The final amount of rates of all the participants make two ranking tables, and prize money will be distributed proportionally among all the contestants according to their position in the ranking.

In the race on each of the projects, it is 5 winners but you will automatically become a member of both ratings when running traffic simultaneously to Vulkan Deluxe and Vulkan Casino. So you can be a winner of both competitions!

Prize part will be added within 5 working days after the end of the contest.

You can read the total list of rules, the statistics and your results here.


Good luck,

Lucky Partners team