Dear partners,

and now has come the day, which we repeatedly reported in a personalized newsletter. Pokerdom and Rupoker have switched to the Posh Friends Affiliate Program. In this regard, it would like to recall once again the main technical features of the transition:

• New referral links are not necessary to generate, since the old ones (generated in Lucky Partners) remain working, but the statistics for them will be displayed in Posh Friends.

• Pokerdom and RuPoker partners who did not want to link their Lucky Partners account to their Posh Friends account will receive a new account in Posh Friends, with access to similar access in Lucky Partners. Further statistics will go to these accounts.

• All statistics on RevShare and unqualified CPA players, with registration date until 01.03.2018, will continue in Posh Friends, thus  players from Lucky Partners will remain with you.

If you still have any questions or requests, please contact us via Skype, telegram or instant messenger of our support.


Always yours,
Lucky Partners Team