Thanks to the efforts of our marketing, Super Slots is becoming more and more famous in the media space every day. We could not ignore this fact and now launch a tournament for partners!

Briefly about the timeline and rules:

1. To participate, you just need to direct your traffic to Super Slots.

2. Chances to take the lead position in the tournament is depend on the number of players that you will bring to the Super Slots in the period from April 14 to May 14.

Full list of conditions and rules of the tournament you can read here.

The next Super Slots' updates will help you to take the lead position in the tournament:

- In the promotional materials of Super Slots there’s added landing page - "Mobile application". While downloading this application to his android device and playing it, the player will permanently assigned to you.

- Super slots got new, cool banners. Please generate and post them on your advertising platforms.

If you need personalized promos (banners, branding, text reviews, bonus on deposit) - please contact.

We wait for your traffic on Super Slots!

We wish good luck to all participants of the tournament,
Lucky Partners Team