Dear partners!

We are pleased to inform you that we have four well-known casinos added to Lucky Partners program. Hooray! It’s another great reason to profitably convert your traffic before the upcoming holidays.

We aren’t going deep into the details of why it happened. We will not explain why more than 10 large and popular casinos of Runet made a decision to move to Lucky Partners affiliate program during past 2 years. The reason is obvious. It’s way better here than it was in their previous affiliate program: ) You can draw your own conclusions!

Here is a list of our "newcomers":

VulkanClub: http: //
Eldorado: http: //
24vulkan: http: //
Anonymous: http: //

Since then, the Lucky Partners is committed to making payments and provide quality promotional materials, to maintain communication with partners and ensure efficient operation.

Now we offer you even more favorable financing conditions for new projects:
over 3 first periods of your income will be calculated using inout according to the formula:
Partner Revenue = (Deposits - Payouts) * 60%

Yes, it’s correct that except for the extremely profitable calculation of inout, which is an excellent condition itself, you also get 60%! Isn’t that impressive?

P.S. If you were among those who used to work with these projects, we are interested in you continuing of getting profit from their players. We plan to re-establish contact with your old players soon. In order to make it as quickly as possible, you need to address our support.


Lucky Partners team