Dear partners,

Today, the proverb "If you make a mistake and do not correct it, this is called a mistake" is true more than ever. After updating the Vulkan due care of our webmaster we noticed in our statistics two bugs one of which affected the revenue. In the Netgaming stat from the 17th August till the 18th August statistics wasn't correct for all players. The screenshot shows that a player makes a deposit, but then does not play.

We knew about the situation and do not hide that launch wasn't perfect, but now everything is ok. Statistics for the past few days came back, and you can see that your balance has changed. Probably it increases, due to the fact that the players lost, but in some cases it decreased if the players won.

                Also, during these 2 days detailed statisticsby the game wasn't available. This bug wasn't not critical and didn't not affect the income of partners, but it was fixed too.

We want to thank those partners who care about the fate of Vulcan, and immediately after the release, they pointed out the problems. In our turn we did our best to fix everything as soon as possible. 

And even more good news. After the update amound of the deposits has increased! We hope that it would be even better in the nearest future.